Cookies policy

Last update: May 2, 2022

1. What is a cookie?

A cookie (hereinafter a “Cookie”) or tracer is a general term for a text file saved in dedicated space on the devices’ hard drive (for example computer, tablet, smartphone, etc., hereinafter the “Terminal”) when you view content or online advertising. This Cookie file allows its issuers to identify the device on which it is stored for as long as the Cookie is valid or stored, that means 13 months maximum. Therefore, Cookies do not identify you directly.

Information about your browsing on our Website are saved in the “Cookies” files installed on your Terminal and allow us to track your activity and to recall information, such as user preferences or information that the user previously entered in forms.

2. Notice about cookies on our website

491 informs you that certain Cookies, necessary for the functioning of the Website and the execution of our services are likely to be placed on your Terminal when you visit the Site for the first time.

3. Cookies used on our website

We are likely to install various types of Cookies when you connect to our Website:

Technical Cookies, which, among others, allow to:

- adjust the Website’s display to your Terminal’s display preferences (for example language used, display resolution or exploitation system used) when you visit our Website, depending on the materials and viewing software or player software your Terminal contains;
- implement security measures, for instance when you are asked to access to a piece of content or service after a certain amount of time;
- store information about a form that you have filled in on our Website or to Products, services or information that you have chosen on our Website (service subscribed, the content of an order basket).

Audience measurements Cookies that allow to:

- obtain visitor statistics and volumes and use of the various components of the Website (sections and contents visited, journeys) to help 491 improve the interest of its services as well as their user-friendliness;

Advertising Cookies that allow us to:

- associate the personal data you have provided us with (including your electronic contact information, during your registration, your order or your access to one of our services), with browsing information, in order to, for instance, send you electronic marketing messages or display on your Terminal, within advertising spaces that we publish, personalised advertisements that are specifically intended for you;

Payment security Cookies that allow us to:

- help fight against online fraud (payment fraud, identity theft, etc.). In this respect, subject to your rights, 491 or service providers acting on its behalf, may store trackers to collect information about the Terminal used to place your order (including the operating system used, the location of the machine, whether or not a proxy was used, etc.). These "fingerprint" trackers associated with your order data are used to confirm your order, the payment method used and your delivery method.

Your browsing data is linked to your profile regardless of the Terminal used thanks to Cookie exchange technology, so that your journey can be tracked regardless of the Terminal used.

Social media Cookies, which allow:

- to share your activity on the Website towards social networks like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... Such Cookies are not under our control. We invite you to consult each social media’s respective confidentiality policies to be acquainted with their use of Cookies.

Tracking cookies, which allow us to:

- Follow your activity on the Site, in order to understand how you use the Site.

4. Managing your choices regarding cookies

Your choices regarding Cookies

491 only uses Cookies strictly necessary to the functioning of the Website, which do not collect personal data and not require your specific consent. However, should we place on your Terminal Cookies subject to your prior consent, any recording of a Cookie on your Terminal shall be submitted to your consent, which you will be able to express and modify at any time free of charge, by using the dedicated module on the home page of the Site, or the possibilities described below.

There are various ways to manage your Cookie options.

You can deactivate each Cookie with the advertising Cookie management tools provided by third parties.

You can configure your browser software in order to, according to your choice, accept the installation of Cookies on your Terminal, or reject them. Your browser may also allow you to choose to disable all or some Cookies, as the need arises, before the installation of such Cookies on your Terminal.

If you gave your consent to the installation of Cookies files on your Terminal, Cookies embedded on the pages and contents you have viewed will be stored in a dedicated area of your device and will be readable and recognizable only by the issuer.

Consequences of blocking the Cookies:

If you refuse the installation of Cookies, or if you delete the Cookies already installed on your Terminal, you will no longer be able to use certain functions of the Website:

- For the technical Cookies: you may not be able to access the Website or its services;
- For personalisation Cookies and the tracking cookies: the display of the Website may not adapt to the display preferences of your Terminal. Information about forms filled on the Website may not be saved;
- For advertising Cookies: no consequence on the use of the Website. However, deleting them does not stop online advertising. It will only cause advertising to be shown that does not take your centres of interest into account;
- For online payment security Cookies: no consequence on the use of the Website. However, in case you are trying to buy something online using your credit card, your payment could be delayed because of the need for a manual validation.

For social media cookies: no consequence on the use of the Website. However, deactivating the cookies will prevent you to interact with social media.

How to exercise your choices according to the navigator that you use

Regarding the management of Cookies, each browser software offers various configurations. These configurations are described in the “help” section of each browser. We invite you to refer to the configuration settings of your browser.

You may find further information about the following browsers on the links below:

- Google Chrome (
- Internet Explorer (
- Mozilla Firefox (
- Safari (Desktop) (
- Safari (Mobile) (
- Android Browser (
- Opera Mobile (

You may also find more information about the settings of your cookies on your browser at (

In the event that you share the use of your Terminal with more than one person, or if your Terminal has several browsers, we cannot be sure that the advertising intended for your Terminal is in keeping with your own use of this Terminal and not that of another user of this Terminal. In this case, sharing with others the use of your Terminal and configuring the settings for Cookies is your free choice and responsibility.

5. Transfer of personal data outside the European union

Please note that since some of our payment security partners, and, should the case arise, for digital advertising and social media, are likely to be located outside the European Union, data collected using Cookies may be transferred to non-EU member countries, whose personal data protection legislation differs from that applicable in France. We strictly require our partners to use the information collected using Cookies on our Website solely to administer or provide the services requested and ask them to always act in accordance with applicable data protection laws and to pay particular attention to the confidentiality of the information transmitted. To find out more, please refer to their policy regarding personal data protection.

In case of discrepancy between the French version and the English version of this Cookies Policy, the French text shall prevail.